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It seems like Spring is hiding under a rock somewhere and isn't ready to show itself. For the rest of us, we are chomping at the bit to be able to enjoy our time outdoors again. This includes all the deck builders, landscape experts and paver companies that are ready to get back to busier times. March is always an exciting time of year for us. Being in an industry where the seasons have such an effect on business has it's ups and downs. We work insane hours during the spring and summer to make sure our customers have that outdoor addition in time for their parties, cook outs, and get-togethers and then get to enjoy some time off during the holidays when everyone else is thinking about family. We enjoy the break and it allows us to get ready to start all over again for the next season. We are lucky to be doing something that gives so many people enjoyment and helps enrich their lives. We wouldn't trade it for the world. We are very proud of the work we do and appreciate all the clients that we have been able to help over the years.

We find ourselves preparing for the starting of the new season, March 1st. Back in the day, we walked house to house handing out flyers, doing mailings, and relied on the yellow pages. How things have changed. If you don't have a web-site, know how to work social media, or have referrals, your business is in trouble. It takes a great team to get your name out to the public; especially since there are SO many contractors out there. Saying that, I want to remind everyone that our business is small yet has a great reputation in the industry. This is because of the hard work of Henry Hoke, Don Proctor, as well as myself, Kristy Hoke. All three of us have known each other for over 25 years and have one common goal: Make HNH Deck and Porch the best that it can be. We are a well oiled machine and know how to get the job done. I am very proud to say that my husband is the best deck builder out there. He cares about what he does and isn't afraid to work hard, which is what attracted me to him so many years ago.

Going forward, Henry will continue to run leads, build decks, and make sure every client is 100% satisfied. Donnie will work along side Henry, specializing in the porches. And, I will continue to run Henry's web-site, social media, and pick up permits for his jobs. What an amazing team. We are thankful that we can work for ourselves and be proud of the work that we do. We are living the American dream. Thank you. Cheers to the 2015 season! 

<![CDATA[January 29th, 2015]]>Fri, 30 Jan 2015 03:19:49 GMThttp://hnhdeckandporch.com/1/post/2015/01/january-29th-2015.htmlEze-Breeze Sliding PanelsEze-Breeze
What are Eze-Breeze sliding panels? Eze-Breeze panels act like a regular screen for a porch or gazebo accept are made of vinyl glazed panels that are remarkably strong, shatter proof and flexible. They allow cool breezes in while keeping bad weather and bugs out.

Our clients have been very happy with this product. They like the ease of use along with the custom options available. The panels are uniquely designed  and come in various colors and options. The vents slide either vertically or horizontally or can be stationary to allow for an incredible floor to ceiling view.

While closed, they allow protection from the summer sun or changeable weather. They can be effortlessly raised or lowered to open 3/4 of the window area or can be removed to allow the breeze to come through. The panels tilt in for easy cleaning and can be removed for storage. The strong vinyl glazing used is lighter in weight and less expensive than glass and comes in clear or tinted to reduce solar heat.

Eze-Breeze panels can also be easily installed on existing porches. Call us at 301-443-5217 or email us at HNHDeckandPorch@aol.com if you are interested in installing this product.

Check out the brochures for more info.
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